Board Meeting Information:

The Board holds regular, monthly meetings at the Library at Anzar High School on typically the 2nd Wednesday starting at 7PM according to the posted schedule.

Notices of all meetings, both regular and special, are posted at the District Office, 2300 San Juan Highway in San Juan Bautista, in advance of the meetings. Agendas are also posted online here.   

All meetings are open to the public with the exception of “Closed Sessions,” which may be held to discuss confidential personnel matters, matters pertaining to an individual student, labor negotiations and legal matters.  Closed Session begins at 6PM prior to the 7PM the Regular Meeting. Special meetings are open to the public; however, only business for which the meeting was called can be discussed. Members of the public are also able to suggest topics for future meetings. We have a document "How the Public Can Request to Place an Item on the Board of Trustees Agenda" outlining the process.

School Board

Board Meeting Calendars:

  • Click here for the 2024 Board Meeting Calendar - Approved 12/13/2023

  • Click here for the 2023 Board Meeting Calendar - Approved 5/17/2023

Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas:

  • Click here to view the Board Preview and Highlights published before and after each meeting summarizing what will be discussed and what actions were taken.

  • Click here to access agendas and minutes beginning March 9, 2022 via GAMUT.

  • Click here to access past agendas (prior to March 9th) and minutes via Agenda Online